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What is chanting?

Sound or sabda is the emanation of any tone, frequency, or vibration.  Life is vibration, tone and rhythm. Sound in many forms is part of our daily life, through music, language and nature.   Sacred sounds like mantras and chants are said to protect and strengthen the student of yoga, the sounds produced form a subtle and very powerful tool for personal transformation on all levels of the human psyche.   

The study of chanting is known as Adhyayanam.  Mantras (sacred sounds) and Vedic chants were traditionally only taught orally, the student had to repeat what the teacher chanted. “Adhi” refers to “the source, that, which is within” and “ayanam” translates to “a journey, movement”.   Chanting is therefore an efficient tool to start the journey inwards.  The practice of chanting is non-invasive and yet a powerful tool for change.

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