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Hi, this is a new feature of my website where I will publish news about the events and other day to day issues of interest.  It will take me a while to get used to this so please be patient and come back often to see what has been going on. 


Please make sure you keep an eye on the Classes and Events page to stay up-to-date with what is on offfer, for example in the New Year I will be a new group on the Meditation Course for Teachers

Workshops in 2017


I have had a busy year facilitating workshops in Eastbourne and for the British Wheel Yoga celebrating International Yoga Day.


For the BWY on International Yoga Day - The Healing Sounds of Yoga 2017


We had around 40 participants who really enjoyed the experience of making sound with posture work.  It was a very happy, joyful day - which was embraced by experienced teachers, students and absolute beginners who had never experienced a yoga class - from their comments after the day, it appears that they will be joining a class in their areas.  Well done all!!!!!


I have held two other workshops on Sound in The Yurt and the Well Being Centre both of which have been well received.   This space is very special as there are a lot of complimentary and healing workshops and yoga classes held there daily and this energy has built up over time to make it a very peaceful, warm and safe environment for holding workshops.


Here we all are having walked the circle in bare feet at the end of Using Sound with Asana workshop, this was a really lovely

day all the participants really enjoyed it and came back in September for Relax & Reflect with Sound and this workshop

attracted one or two teachers as well who wanted to know more about teaching meditation in the traditional yoga way.

I gave examples of different methods which have been used over time and have proved extremely useful to help keep the mind focussed.


I have one more workshop to do this year and this is on Saturday 4th November again at the Yurt.  The wood burn fire will be on so we will have a really cosy autumnal feel to welcome us.  This will be a morning for those who wish to release and let go, chanting, āsana, prāṇāyāma, deep relaxation with yoga nidra and I will be taking a lot of my bowls to play for the participants a beautiful autumnal bowl recital.   For further details go to the events page on my website and book and pay for your place to avoid disappointment.


And Finally, Starting in January, I am going to teach a Chanting class for Teachers.   So many have asked me and enquired about chanting and now I have put together six months worth of classes to bring to teachers the art of bringing sound into a physical practice.   They will learn Sanskrit pronunciation, using sound with āsana and prāṇāyāma, simple chants, chanting the Vedas and Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras and much more.   These classes are limited to 8 places and again to book a place go to the website for all the information and booking form. 


I am going to be doing further one day workshops next year using sound, the dates and times are yet to be decided, however, if you are on Facebook or prefer to keep an eye on the website and My Blog these will come up as soon as I have them.



Saturday 12th November 2016

On Saturday I facilitated a wonderful workshop “The Healing Sounds of Yoga”.   It was a very wet Saturday and the Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne was like a cosy cave for us all to snuggle into and relax and restore.

  group from workshop on 12 November 2016


The day started with everyone getting settled wrapping themselves in blankets and after the usual introductions and a short informative talk on the importance of sound, healing and Yoga we set off chanting basic sounds.

Using these basic sounds with asana came next and then a Vedic Chant for a healthy long life with hand gestures place on or around the body as a meditative practice.  Again settling down under blankets and making themselves really comfortable and warm I played my healing Tibetan Bowls for about 30 minutes - from the students feedback afterwards I felt that they all had received benefits from this session.  


After lunch, you guessed it, it was relaxing time once again, this time it was more active with placement of hands in areas of the body that they felt needed some attention, and this was also done with the use of coloured squares which were also placed on uncomfortable areas of the body.   The final session of healing was having the bowls played over and around each one of them as they lay quietly - this was very effective for them.  We finished the day chanting.  A beautiful way to spend a very wet day!


Some of the comments from the day:


Small welcoming group - the bowls were what I enjoyed the most!


A relaxing day, feel restored and refreshed, loved it Thanks!


I feel more focussed and settled


The workshop was more than expected; found it an amazing learning experience!


Allowed me to relax fully, but also challenged me to think about sound in a different way.   Enjoyed the bowls the most, especially when Penelope cam around with the small bowls.

17th September 2016 The Sound of Yoga

Eva from The Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne and I held a workshop to introduce the inclusion of simple sounds in a yoga practice.

We had a full house which was brilliant and all students enjoyed the day.   My Teacher Radha has been trying to get me to vedic chant to my students, so I had a go during this workshop with a little trepidation, I surprised myself and really enjoyed the chanting - the students were interested too one or two have booked to do the next workshop.   

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