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Yoga 121 FAQ

Your Online Yoga 121 Questions

Online Yoga121 enables the student to book a time, a date and the study they require to deepen their knowledge, improve their chanting, learn more philosophy or to be mentored.    A Yoga121 session personalises yoga to allow the student to have the best possible individual tuition that is flexible enough to fit in around the students arrangements, and have the opportunity to get the very best out of a session.   There is more information on my welcome page.

The Booked study session will last 1 hour unless otherwise requested.  More information is available on Classes and Events Page.

The cost of studying asana, mentoring or philosophy is shown on the Classes and Events page against the appropriate course, please note that all classes are paid in advance using PayPal and non-refundable if the appropriate action has not taken place. Chanting sessions costs are also shown on the Course and Events page. The details of all classes and courses can be viewed on Classes and Events page under Online Courses.

Online classes are bookable via the website.  All timings are BST Time.  For more information see Classes and Events view the Terms and Conditions, complete a Booking Form and Health Form and when submitted, Penelope will confirm your appointment.

For an asana session, a non slip mat, block to sit on, quiet surroundings strictly no mobiles or phones.  Likewise for chanting, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or Mantravalli (which can be purchased from various Yoga suppliers). For study and mentoring students will use their own materials depending on what it is the student wishes to study or have help with.  Penelope will give you details of the chanting books required at the time of confirmation of appointment.   Please also see the terms and conditions on Classes and Events page.
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